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Living the dream: Michele Brooke

A day in the life of a marijuana business lawyer puts me face to face with California cannabis business entrepreneurs who have been anticipating the inevitability of recreational sales in our state. Unfortunately, many of these forerunners and visionaries have tried to create business models that are “as legal as possible” because of local restrictions…

Living the Dream: Michele Brooke

  This month, I want to discuss the topic of running for city council in cities that prohibit cannabis commercial business. More and more people are complaining passionately to me about their local city ordinances that prohibit their cannabis businesses, especially in light of the new regulations that are likely to be signed into law…

Women in Cannabis: Michele Brooke

Michele Brooke Lawyer, Brooke Law Group   Michele Brooke’s legal career changed forever the moment she affixed a marijuana leaf pin to the lapel of her blazer.

Living the Dream: Michele Brooke

In July a client asked me to travel to central California to inquire about property zoned in an area that is permitting dispensary applications. I drove. As most real estate brokers are unwilling to work with our industry, even where the local government has approved dispensaries, I did not disclose my mission of looking for…

Living the Dream: Michele Brooke

Indian Tribes: The Next Purveyors of Cannabis? Early this spring, I joined others who spoke at a marijuana conference in San Diego, California, titled “Marijuana: The Next Big Thing in Native American Economic Development?”

Living the Dream: Kolbe Rose

Michele Droke, our floor supervisor and inventory manager, was there to research point-of-sale systems and inventory tracking tools, as well as further her own development as a cannabis professional when it comes to knowledge of compliance and general developments in the marijuana and hemp world. Chelsea Robison, our lead budtender, was focused on expanding her…

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