• Product Spotlight: Dirt MD

    After 30 years of serving markets in Southeast Asia, Ocean Agro has expanded to the United States to introduce Dirt M.D. to the U.S. farming community. Dirt M.D. is a formulated humic product designed to improve plant health and yield by increasing nutrient uptake and efficiency.

    Product Spotlight: Dirt MD
  • Company Profile: RX-C

    San Diego company favors delivery model By Patrick Wagner SAN DIEGO – There’s a debate in the cannabis industry about whether sales will shift toward delivery models, or whether the traditional dispensary/retail model will continue to thrive.

    Company Profile: RX-C
  • Message from the publisher – Interchange

    Interchange was a big success! Follow-up event scheduled for November Time is money. Everyone knows those famous words of advice. For business people, it’s especially true. Over the last couple of years, I’ve watched the cannabis industry grow and mature. Many things have changed, and it’s been fascinating to observe. One of the obvious signs […]

    Message from the publisher – Interchange
  • Drug testing at drug-related jobs

    Even employers in the cannabis industry need to consider drug policies and laws that govern workplace safety By Catharine Morisset and Rochelle Nelson Do I need to drug test my employees? This is an important question, even for employers in cannabis-related businesses. Many employers want to promote a workplace culture consistent with their ethos, product […]

    Drug testing at drug-related jobs