The Happy Crop Shoppe

Co-owners Ryan Cooper, Allie Jordan and Cory Wendt display their hometown pride at The Happy Crop Shoppe.

CASHMERE — For the five owners of The Happy Crop Shoppe, Dec. 27, 2014 marked a special occasion, as they opened their second store along the southwestern riverbanks in Cashmere.

Like most I-502 applicants, Allie Jordan, Cory Wendt, Lisa Wendt, Ryan Cooper and Mark McCants all waited patiently for the call from the Washington State Liquor Control Board; however when the call came, they found out they were in line for two storefronts. Allie Jordan remembers the excitement and challenges that accompanied the sudden opportunity.

“It was a long process of waiting to see what was going to happen, and once it did it was like it was full-bore ahead,” Jordan said. “We kind of had to have everything in order and ready to go in three weeks. To find our product, to get the inside of our store redone. Make sure we hired proper staff, all that kind of stuff.”

The quintet were able to get their first location up and running in their hometown of East Wenatchee.  The group believed the best space available in the city was a log cabin that created the right type of atmosphere to help build their brand.

The natural aesthetic of a log cabin in East Wenatchee blended perfectly with the locals and encompassed the appeal of life outside of a sprawling metropolis. In lieu of trying to bottle lighting a second time, the five founders of The Happy Crop Shoppe decided to try a more modern approach with the Cashmere location.

They opted for darker hardwood floors, and the open space created by the layout allowed for subtle accents to make bold impacts. Those who walk inside the location can see the entire space in a glance — the display cases, the hanging artwork and the company logo smile back at all of The Happy Crop’s patrons.

Looking forward, Jordan and her partners plan to remain focused on what has led them to their success. “We’re just focused on running our business well, making good connections in the marijuana community and looking to expand what we can offer our customers,” she said. “We’re waiting to see what’s coming next because it’s always something.”


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