Paul Goetz

Paul Goetz

Paul Goetz

Age: 34

Company: Tryke Companies

Position: Chief revenue officer

One of the more confounding aspects of joining the cannabis industry is the process of finding a location. With more than 28 licenses and properties acquired in Arizona and Nevada, Paul Goetz might just be the best in the business.

As a former real estate broker who specialized in zoning laws, Goetz was looking for new ways to generate capital when Arizona legalized medical marijuana.

“At that time, the real estate market wasn’t doing so well,” Goetz says. “There was a mentor of mine who said that I should try to get in front of these medical marijuana people.”

Not long after, Goetz followed up on an ad from a local consultant looking to gather licenses in Arizona. Through careful, meticulous examinations, Goetz managed to find properties in populated areas like Mesa, where compliant locations were nearly unobtainable.

By the end of 2012, Goetz says he successfully landed 20 of the total 100 licenses available for cannabis businesses.

One of those clients was Matthew Morgan, who took note of Goetz’s ability and offered him a position as Tryke’s chief revenue officer. To date, Goetz has secured eight licenses for the company and oversees all five retail locations, marketing, wholesale for two cultivation facilities and business development.


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