Potzilla marijuana plants found in Washington!

Potzilla plant ready to overrun Washington

Fireweed Farms employee Jamin Trent stands amid outdoor-grown cannabis plants at Fireweed Farms in Washington. At about eight feet tall, the plants dwarf Trent, with two more more months before harvest.


By Garrett Rudolph

PROSSER, Wash. — Randy Williams wants to grow the largest cannabis plants you’ve ever seen. You might even call them “Potzilla.”

The plants at Williams’ Fireweed Farms are threatening to outgrow the eight-foot tall, razor-wired fences that surround his Tier 3 grow operation in Prosser. And amazingly, they’re less than three months old.

Williams said he expects the marijuana monsters to grow another three feet by the time he harvests his outdoor crop sometime around October.

Fireweed Farms is one of the first state-licensed outdoor grow operations in Washington, and could fuel the debate about whether outdoor-grown marijuana can be cultivated with the same quality and potency of indoor-grown plants. Williams plans to auction off the plants to processors and retailers after his fall harvest, which could amount to more than 1,000 pounds of product.

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