WIPOTEC-OCS, a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision, in-motion weighing and X-ray scanning equipment, recently introduced several new machines that could be utilized in a variety of industries, including cannabis packaging.

– Designed for pharma and food and beverage manufacturers, the HC-A Checkweigher verifies the weight of packages using Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weigh cells. This exacting engineering design guarantees precise weighing results. With a maximum throughput of 600 pieces per minute, the high-speed checkweigher easily fits into existing packaging lines and includes a variety of options such as a double-track configuration and various faulty product sort-and-reject mechanisms.

– The new SC-2000 “Mini” X-Ray Scanner can inspect up to 400 products per minute with exceedingly few false rejects. The SC-2000 Mini is just 700 millimeters wide. The modular machine features integrated conveyor technology with discharge units and a switch cabinet can be configured separately from the measuring head.

– The TQS-SP Serialization Unit is a user-friendly solution for applying traceability data to individual cartons. The TQS-SP can handle up to 600 cartons per minute, with folding boxes conveyed by a specially designed, double-guided, top-band system that ensures stable positioning upon exiting cartoning equipment. The machine features a precision product transport design that is adaptable to different packaging types, and its flexible print head and camera mounting easily adapt to various boxes.



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