With a transparent, streamlined approach to sales and delivery, the new WAYV one-stop, e-commerce compliance and distribution platform allows cannabis retailers to browse and order product from the most recognized brands in California, creating a consistent supply chain while ensuring safe, free, standard next-day delivery with flexible payment options throughout the state.
WAYV will also offer emerging brands a platform on which they can gain more exposure.
“By simplifying inventory control, business management and compliance, WAYV has re-invented cannabis fulfillment,” WAYV founder and CEO Keith McCarty said in a press release. “Just the ability to have shelves restocked in 24 hours, throughout this vast state, is a gamechanger.”
The WAYV platform was created in partnership with INDUS Distribution, a division of INDUS Holding Co., a vertically integrated cannabis company based in Monterey County, California. It is launching with dozens of cannabis brands across all categories including flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals.


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