Warfighter Hemp

Warfighter Hemp founder Steve “Luker” Danyluk, a pilot and veteran himself, can list several good reasons why his company’s lines of CBD tinctures and infused products have up to 6,000 milligrams of CBD — nearly 10 times more than most other brands.

“When you’re dealing with veterans with severe injuries, multiple amputations, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, the higher doses are more effective,” Danyluk says. “We recommend people dose high to start. Most companies say to start low, but I find that it’s the opposite because people will buy the cheapest CBD they can, which isn’t very strong. If you’re trying to get off opioids and you have chronic pain, then that’s not going to cut it.”

Warfighter products are currently available in tinctures, topicals, capsules, vape, patches and edibles.

Mission: Danyluk started Warfighter Hemp to help his fellow veterans — not just by offering them high-dosage CBD products or giving veterans significant discounts for his products, but also donating half its proceeds to nonprofit veterans organizations, including Defenders of Freedom and Villagers for Veterans, as well as Semper K9, which provides injured veterans and their families with assistance dogs. Warfighter Hemp also hosts veteran community events and dinners across the country and lobbies for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to test the efficacy of hemp-derived CBD for veterans.

Retail: Warfighter Hemp offers 30 different full-spectrum and CBD isolate products through its website.


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