Virtual Crypto Technologies, Inc. announced recently the development of a proprietary crypto payment solution specifically developed for cannabis dispensaries. The innovative technology, projected to be released by the end of 2018, will give dispensaries the ability accept payments with cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin.

The Virtual Crypto solution will facilitate transactions with local shops where marijuana dispensaries are legal.

For one to purchase cannabis via the Virtual Crypto solution, a user simply scans a QR code that appears on the dispensary’s point-of-sale screen’s interface. Within seconds, the store owner will receive confirmation in accordance with the number of goods sold. The software, like other Virtual Crypto solutions, provides real-time transactions and ensures the best exchange rate at the lowest commission offered on the market. Virtual Crypto’s proprietary algorithms scan multiple exchanges to provide customers with the best value at the time of the transaction.

The software can verify transactions within minutes, instead of the standard 10 minutes to 24 hours, following the current process of six authorizations.


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