Vifra Systems

Dramm Corporation has established a partnership with Vifra to bring humidity management solutions to North American customers.

Vifra focuses on helping growers optimize greenhouse humidity. Dramm is offering Vifra’s high-pressure fog and dehumidification systems to North American growers. The systems work to increase or decrease humidity as conditions demand. They systems can be used in coordination with each other to adjust humidity levels throughout the day, allowing for the right climate for any crop at any time of day.

Vifra offers high-pressure fog systems that operate between 1,000 and 1,800 pounds per square inch, depending on the humidity and crop needs. These systems use specialized nozzles and stainless-steel construction. Specially designed fittings and connections prevent the need for guide wires and make installation easy. Vifra systems use custom pumps, running at lower speeds, to reduce wear and ease maintenance.


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