The Cannabis LAB

Legal Learning Series, a provider of legal education, networking and events, has partnered with Greenspoon Marder to launch The Cannabis LAB, a professional services organization for the cannabis industry.

The organization aims to bring together the professional services sector of the cannabis industry including: business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, financial services, accounting, law and other professionals (LAB stands for law, accounting and business). The goal of The Cannabis LAB is to provide a space where professionals can meet, exchange ideas, learn and grow in the cannabis space together.

Greenspoon Marder has emerged as a national leader in the cannabis industry, with offices in New York, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, Portland and throughout Florida.

“We could not be more excited to launch The Cannabis LAB alongside our partner, Greenspoon Marder,” Legal Learning Series director Robert Friedman said. “Our goal is to help business professionals throughout the nation enter the cannabis industry with leadership and guidance from their peers. … We are truly honored to be working with such a prestigious firm and great people who are passionate about what they do.”

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