The Blinc Group

The Blinc Group (TBG) is offering a $4 million convertible bond, paying 7% annually (two-year maturity), with a right to convert into equity at a 25% discount to the valuation at the maturity date.

The Blinc Group offers a unique one-stop-shop model that includes: an in-house incubator for cutting-edge vaping companies in the nicotine and cannabis spaces, featuring branding and R&D assistance to the incubator companies and a first look for TBG at cutting-edge intellectual property in this space; plus national and international distribution of incubator companies’ products, as well as exclusive deals with top global vaping manufacturers.

The company is led by three co-founders, including an award-winning brand strategist, the founder of an international advertising agency and the chairman of the international ISO committee on vaping standards. There is also a deep bench of international advisers engaged by the firm.

The company sees an exit for the investors in this round within five years, either by a public listing on an exchange or the acquisition of The Blinc Group by either a public or private cannabis company or a non-cannabis consumer products firm.

Prospective investors can learn more by checking out, requesting a deck/private placement memorandum or reaching out to Arnaud Dumas de Rauly at or 646-586-2067.


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