Treez recently announced a partnership with Tevano Payment Systems, a retail kiosk provider that builds touchscreen hardware designed to expedite in-store fulfillment by capturing orders, processing payments and dispensing change without employee intervention.

The integration of Treez software in Tevano kiosks allows shoppers to browse menus at their own pace, place express orders and process cash or debit payments without having to wait in line.

“A decentralized point-of-sale model is the future vision of Treez for retailers, and this partnership gets us one step closer to making that a reality,” Treez CEO John Yang said in a press release. “With Tevano, Treez operators can reap the benefits of a self-service debit and cash payment system, which eliminates cash discrepancies and theft and empowers sales associates to spend more time with customers who need more one-on-one attention.”

Tevano’s self-service payment system ensures cash remains secure at all times, while its integration with the Treez point-of-sale system provides compliant, intuitive and unique sales solutions for dispensary operations nationwide.

The technology will be available to retailers in all legalized states as early as February 2019.


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