Taskmaster 1600

The Taskmaster 1600 is a high-torque, twin-shaft shredder that can quickly and effectively shred heavy solids including entire cannabis plants, roots and bulbs. This powerful shredder can also handle solid waste, cardboard, paper and more. The Taskmaster can help growers with composting and meeting regulatory requirements. It can enhance product processing, make materials unrecognizable and significantly reduce bulk waste volume.

The Taskmaster features dual, counter-rotating cutter stacks that intermesh at close clearance at low speed under extremely high torque. They cut, shear, tear, slice and rip apart solids typically in a strip or chip-like output shape. Each plant can be processed in approximately eight to 12 seconds. These powerful shredders are a clean and quiet alternative to gas-powered wood chippers. They typically employ up to a 15-horsepower motor and gear drive and are supplied complete with a stand, hopper and automatic reversing controller. Infeed or discharge conveyor systems are available as an optional add-on.



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