Surna SentryIQ

The Surna SentryIQ Central Plant Controller features proprietary control sequences developed with predictive algorithms to optimize climate control, including direct temperature and humidity control, as well as CO2 monitoring.

The SentryIQ Room Controller has custom control sequences providing temperature and humidity controls while monitoring and recording temperature, humidity, CO2, vapor pressure deficit, light statistics and cooling loop zone performance. Each room has its own controller, ensuring the whole facility remains operational if one room is taken out of service. Every controller comes equipped with four precision digital indoor sensors with aspirated fans actively drawing the canopy air in and through the measuring device 24 hours per day, providing an accurate reading of temperature, humidity and CO2 within the cultivation spaces.

The SentrylQ Facility Supervisor delivers intelligent management of data with schedules, trends, monitoring and system alarms, providing visual insight to every room within the facility. The user dashboard is located within the SentrylQ Facility Supervisor, where the user interacts with the system enabling cultivation facility owners to predictably manage their facility.


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