Soulshine CBD

Building off its success in Washington’s adult-use market, Soulshine looks to bring its cannabis experience to “an industry that is very inexperienced in making quality products from cannabinoids,” according to co-founder and president Patrick Wlaznak.

It’s that five-year experience in the regulated industry that Wlaznak says sets his company apart from others in the space and gives it the knowledge to provide the “correct dosage of CBD for maximum benefits” in its products, which include tinctures, cigarettes, hemp flower, topicals, pet products and capsules.

Product Details: Soulshine sources its CBD from a GMP-certified facility in Colorado that processes hemp from three different states.

“Tennessee hemp flower is our favorite,” he says.

The company uses wide-spectrum oil in all its products, but also sells isolate in half-gram or full-gram pucks for consumers who prefer it. Soulshine also white labels products for more than 25 companies around the country.

Retail: Soulshine’s CBD products are currently available online at and at more than 50 retailers around the U.S. According to Wlaznak, plans for the future include seed-to-sale operations, from farming to extraction to distribution.


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