After raising $2.9 million from Protein Industries Canada, AGT Foods and Ingredients and a group of investors, Vancouver-based ag-tech startup Lucent BioSciences announced in March its plans to bring to market Solieos, a sustainable, micronutrient smart fertilizer for agriculture.
Lucent converts the hulls of pea and lentil seeds, which are a co-product from value-added processing completed by AGT Foods & Ingredients into Soileos, a novel, carbon-neutral micronutrient fertilizer that uses organic fiber as a carrier to provide micronutrients to plants. According to the company, Soileos increases yields, promises to end runoff pollution and sequesters carbon to mitigate climate change while increasing nutrient-density of crops.
Micronutrient deficiency in crops, such as iron, manganese, zinc, copper and boron can result in suboptimal growth, yield and nutritional quality. This project will enable Lucent BioSciences to produce pilot-scale quantities of Soileos micronutrient fertilizer as a granular fertilizer and as seed coating using lentil and pea fiber supplied by AGT Foods. The product will be tested at more than 20 farms across Canada this spring.


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