smartPAR Light Sensor

Growers can now ensure their greenhouse crops experience ideal lighting conditions regardless of changes in weather or other light-limiting factors with help from the new smartPAR Light Sensor Module. The smartPAR sensor plugs into LumiGrow fixtures and connects to the smartPAR network. Growers can set a preferred daily light integral (DLI) by using in-app recommendations through the smartPAR Sensor Program Wizard.

The LumiGrow LED fixtures automatically stabilize light levels inside a greenhouse, regardless of climate, shadows or transmittance rates. Light is a powerful growth variable and even on a sunny day, additional lighting may be required to reach optimal levels.

According to the company, the smartPAR Light Sensor Module and software collect solar data to find the perfect balance between crop vitality and maximizing profits. Orders for the smartPAR Light Sensor Module also gain access to the company’s reporting and data features.


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