Simple Marijuana Menu

Grassworks Digital’s Simple Marijuana Menu program offers retail stores the chance to maintain and update an online menu of available product through the store’s point-of-sale system.

The program can save store owners and operators time with automated menus, instead of constantly updating a menu by hand as products are added or sold out. The Simple Marijuana Menu works with the POS to automatically maintain an up-to-date menu that can be integrated with a store’s digital menu and websites like KushGuide or Leafly.

In addition, the Simple Marijuana Menu has an online ordering system to allow customers to place an order with a shop that will be ready for pick-up when they arrive.

It is designed to work with multiple POS systems, including GreenBits, BioTrackTHC and Corona. The system is available in Washington and Oregon, with plans to expand nationally. The menu comes in two versions, a $149 plan that handles only menus and a full-service plan for $349 that includes the ability for customers to order ahead.

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