Silk Road

CEO David Kram started Silk Road with the intention of helping fight the opioid crisis that claimed the life his brother. The California-based brand makes disposable CBD and THC+CBD vaporizers, available throughout the Golden State and through the company’s website.

As part of the company’s vision to fight opioid addiction, a portion of proceeds from every product sold is donated to nonprofits and community groups working to end the crisis.

“Whether its offering cannabis as an exit drug when patients leave rehabilitation from an addiction to empowering people with knowledge of the dangers of opioids and the solution that cannabis offers, we promise to do everything we can to end this crisis once and for all,” writes Kram on the company’s website. “Together, we can affect real change and we’re here to do just that.”

The company’s proprietary formulas combine the knowledge of ancient plant medicine first discovered on the Silk Road trading route in the Far East with the latest in modern cannabis science. Silk Road sources organically grown cannabis flower and whole-plant CBD and utilizes proprietary extraction techniques to produce 100% clean cannabis oil, which is packaged and sold in three varieties: Focus, Relief and Relax.

All of the company’s products are lab tested for purity and potency.

Along with the extracts, the Relief vaporizer is infused with tangerine, lemongrass and spearmint to offer a tropical citrus flavor with a subtle hint of spearmint that provides instant relief from pain, anxiety and stress. It comes in both CBD-only and THC+CBD varieties.

The Focus product is infused with grapefruit, bergamot and peppermint extract to offer a sweet and citrusy aroma with a cooling minty finish that provides an uplifting boost of energy, balance and creativity. A full-spectrum, sativa-dominant oil is added to the THC+CBD product.

The Relax vaporizer utilizes all-natural lavender and chamomile extract for a sweet-tasting and relaxing treat at bedtime that provides instant calming and relaxing effects. As part of the THC+CBD product, a full-spectrum, indica-dominant oil is added.

The CBD-only products are available for purchase nationwide while the products that include THC are available at licensed cannabis retail shops in California.

All of the terpenes used in the formulation of all of the oils is sourced from organically grown, non-GMO plants.


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