The cannabis industry is growing larger and faster than ever. For testing labs, analyzing cannabis can be challenging, from laboratory setup and ensuring maximum throughput of samples to generating client reports and preserving data integrity. More importantly, as state and country rules and regulations evolve, cannabis labs need instrumentation and support that can meet the latest, strictest demands. Our QSight 420 triple quad gives you the confidence to test rapidly, easily, and effectively – perfect for labs like yours that need to comply with current stringent regulations and to futureproof in a dynamic regulatory environment.

Turnkey Solutions

Our ready-to-implement QSight 400 LC/MS/MS system with dual-source technology and probe-independent switching (APCI/ESI) enables us to develop ready-to-implement methods to analyze all internationally regulated pesticides and mycotoxins on a single instrument. Additionally, our stayClean technology addresses matrix-induced maintenance, virtually eliminating downtime and improving throughput.


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