Remote monitoring systems provide the most cost-effective way for growers to receive real-time notification of environmental changes that threaten inventory.

Sensaphone, the makers of a comprehensive line of remote monitoring products that track critical environmental data such as temperature, humidity and power failures, is introducing three new sensors for greenhouse applications. The sensors are mounted in weatherproof enclosures for operation in severe environments.

The Sensaphone Outdoor Humidity Sensor detects humidity levels that cause the monitoring system to trigger an alarm when the humidity exceeds or falls below a set limit.

The Sensaphone Outdoor CO2 Sensor is ideal for applications with levels of CO2 greater than 2,000 parts per million, such as greenhouses. When used with an applicable Sensaphone monitoring device, the sensor provides real-time CO2 data. When the CO2 level reaches a set threshold, the sensor causes the monitoring device to activate an alarm.

The Sensaphone Dew Point Sensor measures and provides real-time dew point values. When the dew point level falls outside of the programmed high or low limit, users receive an alarm indicating the current dew point value. Users can select from three dew point ranges to dial in the needs of their grow.

Sensaphone also offers a local temperature display device for use with all Sensephone 2.8k-type temperature sensors that provides an at-a-glance reading of the current temperature, as well as the minimum and maximum temperatures, provides an audible alarm for out-of-range temperatures and offers a relay output that can be programmed to turn on a light or siren for additional on-site alarm notifications.


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