Sea Green

With its Sea Green bottled nutrients line, Primordial Solutions has removed many of the barriers to entry that prevent cannabis growers from producing their own compost teas, including the need for specialized equipment and the learning curve that comes with the process.

“Sea Green is most easily understood as an instant compost tea, or more accurately, it is a mix of multiple different compost extracts and indigenous soil microbes,” said Seth Geddes, president of business development. “Sea Green really has two unique proprietary components. The first is the biological culture itself. This is a mix of indigenous microbes, collected over 25 years from every corner of the globe, living as multiple complex polycultures.”

The diversity of microbes “allows the culture to adapt to any growing environment as the chemical conditions of that soil select for the organisms most suited to thrive,” Geddes said.

Sea Green is also made through a unique method that makes its collection of microbes and micro-organisms shelf-stable.

“It is ready to go, active and alive straight out of the bottle.”
A two-ounce bottle of Sea Green is enough to make a 55-gallon drum of compost tea.

According to the company, Sea Green increases quality, yield and overall plant health. The product can be used in hydroponic or soil growing operations or as a foliar spray.


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