Sana Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Packaging

Colorado-based Sana Packaging, a maker of sustainable, compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry, has set up a partnership with Oceanworks regarding a new line of reclaimed ocean plastic cannabis packaging set to launch in spring 2019.

Oceanworks partners with collection and processing agents around the world to bring trusted sources of ocean plastic materials to consumers looking to use their purchasing power to make a difference.

“We’re extremely excited about working with Oceanworks,” said Ron Basak-Smith, co-founder and CEO of Sana Packaging. “This is an incredible opportunity to help clean our oceans and protect some of our planet’s most fragile ecosystems. While hemp bioplastics will remain our core focus, ocean plastic is a problem we have to address.”

Sana Packaging’s flagship product line is made from 100% plant-based, chemical-free hemp plastic. The reclaimed plastic packaging line is a new addition that stays in accordance with the company’s vision and mission.

The first reclaimed ocean plastic product available for sale will be the Sana Tube, designed for pre-rolls.


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