Packed with high-grade CBD hemp flower, Rasti makes cigarettes for people who enjoy smoking, but don’t want the high of marijuana or the risks of tobacco.

Cultivation: The company grows its own hemp on three licensed hemp farms in Ashland, Oregon and draws additional supply from a network of other Southern Oregon farms that grow the same genetics with the same “rigorous and environmental standards we expect for our products,” according to Rasti Hemp president Sean Roberts.

Roberts says it’s the genetics, farming practices and precise processing methods that separate Rasti from its competitors.

“Our commitment to quality is present throughout our production processes,” he says.

Product Details: The company also uses flower — instead of trimmings — as the basis for its hemp cigarettes, creating a smoother, tastier product, with no outside CBD or isolates added during processing.

Retail: The company’s products are currently available to U.S. customers through its website, as well as at hundreds of retail outlets. Rasti is also in discussion for nationwide distribution.


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