Quest 876

In response to cultivators’ increasing dehumidification needs, Quest Dehumidifiers has launched its highest-capacity overhead unit specifically for indoor gardening: the Quest 876.

At a rate of 6.6 pints of water per kilowatt hour, the 876 was engineered to capture more moisture, while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency.

“The 876 builds on the success of the 506, which until now was the largest high-capacity overhead dehumidifier available,” said Clif Tomasini, business manager for Quest. “Cultivators frequently are asking for larger units as their operations increase in size and specific environmental control needs evolve.”

The 876 allows cultivators to fully customize each room’s environmental controls. The modular approach to environmental controls allows growers to manage humidity needs specific to each room. Additionally, being able to hang the unit preserves valuable floor space.


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