Purpl PRO

Purpl Scientific in June launched its new, portable cannabis potency testing solution. Named the Purpl PRO, the device brings mobility, insight and limitless lab-accurate THC and CBD tests to the market.

The Purpl PRO is a handheld solution that turns the user’s smartphone into a cannabis potency testing system and provides lab-accurate results in less than 10 seconds. The Purpl PRO harnesses the same science and technology that was originally developed for the commercial agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to ensure cannabis quality, integrity and consistency throughout the entire value chain

“This solution is purpose-built for the cannabis market,” said Chad Lieber, president of Purpl Scientific. “By delivering the world’s first truly mobile cannabis potency testing solution, we are enabling transparency in a market where product labeling is only inching towards standardization.”

Throughout the multi-phase development and testing efforts, the scientists at Purpl Scientific partnered with a number of the premier cannabis testing labs in the United States. The result is a solution that provides the user the capability to measure sample after sample, with reliably accurate results.



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