Product Spotlight: HyGroCage

HyGroCage4Botany Unlimited Design Systems recently unveiled the HyGroCage, a modular growing system capable of reducing vegetation times to a single week and producing, under optimal conditions, up to 21 pounds of flower per system. It is a turn-key solution to cultivation that can be adapted to any size facility.

Each HyGroCage system comes with five separate cells. Each cell is seven feet long by five feet wide and comes with two lights, two hydroponic reservoirs and three benches under each light.

“The modular nature of the systems creates the ease of snap and play, just like Legos,” Botany Unlimited CEO Mark F. Gomez said. “The business model the system is designed around allows for customizable labor scheduling.”

After 36 years of development and five years of field testing on a commercial grow operation in the Pacific Northwest, Botany Unlimited refined its design to minimize infestations, leaf damage and insects.

“We provide the security in their business so they can rest assured that they will be able to afford their labor – which will be minimal to begin with,” chief financial officer Jason Joseph said.

Because of the HyGroCage’s design, COO Stephen Dee said the system provides a cyclical production schedule with minimal variables barring the cultivation process. Therefore growers will be more comfortable with their production because the quantity and quality are predictable, Dee said. It gives growers the power to know where their operation is at and expand accordingly, he said.

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