Periodic Effects

Periodic Effects is a new podcast focusing on the business side of the cannabis industry. A new episode is uploaded every Monday afternoon, giving listeners a deeper look at the business owners, entrepreneurs and executives working to achieve their dreams in the legal marijuana space.

Wayne Schwind, the founder and CEO of Periodic Edibles, hosts the podcast. Schwind started Periodic Edibles in 2015 and the company received its recreational license in February 2017. The company’s infused edibles are available in about 90 retail locations throughout Oregon. Schwind started the Periodic Effects podcast to document the challenges his team has faced and the successes they’ve had along the way, while learning from other professionals who are operating in the industry.

Periodic Effects has also partnered with Sativa Science Club to produce monthly live shows that cover the technical and scientific aspects of cannabis. The shows will be recorded in Portland, Oregon in front of live audience that can engage with the panel in a Q&A format.


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