PAX Labs announces “session control” feature for Era vaporizer

Updated mobile app enables a more consistent vaping experience

Screen captures from the new mobile app.

PAX Labs, a leading consumer technology brand in the cannabis space, launched a new mobile app feature designed exclusively for the PAX Era device. The update unveils the all-new session control feature, which allows the user to customize their vape session for a more consistent, reliable experience. The app is free and available now for iOS and Android devices

through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

Session control is the latest PAX Smart Control designed to provide a more consistent vaping experience than previously available. This new feature provides users the freedom to set the intake of each “session” within the mobile app by choosing either a micro, small, medium or large dosage. Session control also builds on the existing ability to modify the temperature of the PAX device to a single degree. Together, these features offer customizable control, allowing users to explore what combination of vapor, temperature, taste and strength they want from their experience.

By connecting the PAX Era device to the PAX’s iOS and Android apps, the company is uniquely using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help users dial in the amount of vapor that works best based on their tastes and preferences in real time.

“As cannabis consumption goes mainstream, there is a greater need for education and technologies that advance the legal, responsible adult use of cannabis. Innovative features like Session Control make the vaping experience more predictable for people, especially those who are new to cannabis,” PAX Labs CEO Bharat Vasan said in a press release. “Expect more new software features like this to keep upgrading PAX’s products as we invest thought and time into its design.”

To read more about the latest PAX app and the

future of cannabis vaporizers, see Marijuana Venture’s interview with Vasan in the August issue, which will be available at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Hudson News and other retail outlets on July 24.


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