Over-the-Top Blackout System

The newest addition to GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures’ extensive line of greenhouses and growing solutions is the Over-the-Top Blackout System, an automated light-deprivation system for cannabis growers seeking an alternative to complex, expensive interior blackout kits.

The system’s simplified design makes the Over-the-Top Blackout easy to operate, due to the two-arm technology and motorized control. With fully automated operation, greenhouses will transform to blackout conditions with a non-transparent cover made of ultra-durable polyethylene. The opaque fabric is specially designed to prevent sunlight from penetrating the structure through gaps, which could throw off cannabis growth cycles.

The innovative two-arm mechanism begins at the peak of the structure with the blackout curtain rolled up, allowing sunlight into the greenhouse. As the arms descend from the top on either side, the blackout curtain simultaneously unravels to cover the greenhouse with the curtain.

The Over-the-Top Blackout System is designed to integrate seamlessly into the GrowSpan Series 500 greenhouse. The system is available in a number of sizes, and GrowSpan specialists can customize the blackout system to fit other greenhouse models upon request.



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