OdorBoss Fusion

One of the nation’s leaders in dust and odor control technology has developed a new, autonomous mobile system that reduces site odors from soil remediation, landfills, food processing, composting facilities, wastewater operations and other large-scale applications. Unlike conventional water-based odor control equipment, the OdorBoss Fusion from BossTek uses a patent-pending delivery system that eliminates the need for water dilution. The unique nozzle technology and powerful ducted fan distribute the company’s highly effective odor-control chemicals over a wide area. The fully contained, self-powered unit can run for more than a week without operator intervention.

Operators can adjust chemical output by determining run-time intervals and duty cycles to suit specific application needs. Powered by an industrial generator, the OdorBoss Fusion provides a continuous run time of up to 10 straight days without refueling and as much as two months of operation from a standard 275-gallon tote.

“This design incorporates the features and benefits that have been identified as most important by our customers and others in a wide range of odor-producing industries,” said BossTek project engineer Jason Lesch. “It’s highly mobile and operates for extended periods without operator intervention, with the ability to adjust chemical usage rates to suit the needs of specific applications.”



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