Using a patented process that incorporates molecular technology, NutriBrix has developed a new product that adds specific nano-nutrients in the forms of oxygen nutrients, glucose and polymers of glucose in water designed to immediately increase dissolved oxygen and glucose levels.

The product is not a nutrient itself, but allows plants to absorb higher levels of nutrients, producing taller, heavier plants in the same footprint with the same amounts of water and light.

NutriBrix has been shown to produce denser and longer root zones, with higher levels of brix, the measurement of sugar in an aqueous solution. Extended root zones and high brix levels are associated with increased nutrient density, shorter harvest times and increased yields.

According to the company, NutriBrix has shown a 75-125% increase in yield as well as increases in THC and CBD levels.

The NutriBrix solution can be used in any application that requires water, from soil to aquaponics to everything in between. It is a supplement that is added to a regular watering routine, which will not otherwise change.

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