Nicolette Pavilis

40 Under 40

For the past five years, the Marijuana Venture staff has compiled an annual list of some of the brightest young leaders and influencers in the cannabis industry. As in past years, we have narrowed the list from hundreds of worthy candidates to present 40 individuals from the vast and ever-changing business in the United States and Canada.

It is our honor to share their stories.

Nicolette Pavlis

Age: 25

Company: Narvona

Title: CEO

When Narvona began the licensing process in Michigan, CEO Nicolette Pavlis originally hired a consultant, but quickly realized she needed to handle the application herself.

“At the end of the day, nobody is going to care as much as you, as an owner,” she says.

Narvona was licensed in June 2018 and is now harvesting 50 pounds a week and selling it wholesale for about $4,000. Although the market for “luxury” cannabis hasn’t really developed in other adult-use states, Narvona has been able to capitalize on that niche with its award-winning packaging and branding.

“It’s a little bit new to the Michigan market, but we’ve gotten really good feedback and people keep buying it,” she says.


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