NCS Analytics

NCS Analytics and the California Cannabis Authority announced in August a partnership to establish a statewide data analytics platform for local jurisdictions to monitor and regulate cannabis. The platform will enable member counties and cities to regulate and enforce the regulations surrounding California’s legal marijuana market.

It could also enable greater tax compliance and open the doors to cannabis banking in the Golden State.

The NCS Platform is an advanced analytics platform capable of aggregating and analyzing diverse data streams and alerting on deviations, all in near real time. According to a press release, the platform will give California Cannabis Authority members the most advanced cannabis regulatory technology tool on the market today.

“With more local jurisdictions regulating commercial cannabis activity, we knew we needed additional tools at the local level to ensure for a safe and well-regulated market,” California Cannabis Authority executive director Cara Martinson said in a press release. “CCA will provide regulating cities and counties with real-time information to help with tax collection, enforcement and safety.”


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