Natural Tracking System

Tag-it Tech Inc. and TruTag Technologies Inc. have co-developed an “on product” tracking system for use by seed producers and growers called the Natural Tracking System, which applies invisible, organic, coded micro-taggants mixed with a coating directly to the surface of seeds. Once applied, these tags can be read using a cell phone that verifies the authentic origin of seeds in seconds. No sample preparation or lab analyses is required.

According to the company, barcodes and RFIDs on product packaging may effectively track inventory and sales, but fail to prevent many illegal activities because they can easily be copied, altered, disabled or separated from cannabis products.

“Micro-taggants are impossible to remove from the products they track and using physical and digital anchors is revolutionary,” Tag-it Tech CEO Paul Schutt said in a press release. Schutt added that the company’s technology is invisible to the naked eye and cannot be copied.

The platform is fully expandable, allowing the addition of other products, such as concentrates, isolates, capsules, edibles, vape cartridges and packaging. The Natural Tracking System allows for any amount of data to be captured and relayed to product exporters and importers, as well as law enforcement agencies. Additionally, it can be tailored for each use, securely integrating state track-and-trace systems and provincial, federal and international databases.


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