Mountjoy Sparkling Water

Mountjoy Sparkling Water

It wasn’t long after starting Mountjoy Sparkling Water that CEO Alex Mountjoy and his wife, Jenny, were looking to move the operation from the couple’s sheep rescue farm, Crybaby Ranch, into a warehouse in Southern California.

“We shipped our first pallets in April of 2018, and our first full truckload in November of that year,” Alex says. “That’s rapid growth.”

Product Details: The CBD market in California already had its fair share of infused drinks when Mountjoy Sparkling Water began to hit shelves, but many were either plain water or sugary, high-carb drinks, leaving plenty of room for a carbonated, naturally flavored alternative with zero carbs, sugars or calories. Aside from being a tasty and healthy alternative, the Mountjoys opted to use full-spectrum and fully decarboxylated extract for the beverage so consumers could feel the entourage effect faster. Retail: A mixture of roughly 500 grocery stores, specialty shops and convenience stores from Washington to Florida now carry the beverage. The couple plans to bring Mountyjoy Sparkling Water to similar stores in Texas, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii over the next few months.

“Our production, distribution and manufacturing infrastructure is mature,” Alex says. “We’ve proven we can meet demand, service large markets, and that people across the country love to drink Mountjoy Sparkling CBD.”


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