There are more microbes in a handful of living soil than there are humans on the planet and people are just now beginning to understand the symbiosis between plants and these legions of microorganisms. But until recently, reliable microbial biomass tests were cumbersome, slow and expensive lab procedures.

The patented MicroBiometer from Prolific Earth Science changes that, with a test that takes only about 10 minutes and provides a level of accuracy on par with more expensive labs. Users simply mix sifted soil in a solution from the company for 30 seconds, let it settle for 10 minutes and then place three drops on a test card. It is then scanned with a smart phone app and results are archived and accessible in the cloud.

The company’s technology was developed through the work of James Sottilo, a renowned sustainable landscape expert, Judith Fitzpatrick, a Ph.D. microbiologist and medical device developer with 12 patents, and E. Brady Trexler, Ph.D., an expert in computer visualization.

The MicroBiometer starter kit retails for $185 on the company’s website.




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