M&A Basics For Cannabis & Hemp Companies

1stWEST Mergers and Acquisitions, an international investment bank and M&A advisory company, recently published a book by two of its managing directors, Carl Craig, Ph.D. and John D. Wagner.

The book, “M&A Basics For Cannabis & Hemp Companies: A Company Owner’s Guide to Key Deal Elements & Common Practices of Mergers & Acquisitions,” is available in print or digital editions through Amazon.

With short chapters, written in jargon-free language, the book covers every aspect of the mergers-and-acquisitions process for cannabis and hemp companies, focusing on topics such as company valuations, strategies for leadership continuity, how to claim adjustments to EBITDA and why deals can fall apart. With decades of combined experience in M&A, Craig and Wagner discuss how to prepare a cannabis or hemp company for acquisition, how to navigate ever-changing regulations and how to achieve top valuation in every deal.

Craig has a Ph.D. in chemistry and was most recently corporate vice president and chief operating officer for Microbial Solutions business at Charles River Laboratories. Wagner is the author of 16 other books and a widely cited M&A expert.

Since 1stWEST M&A is mainly a “sell-side” representative, the book is written mainly for owners of cannabis and hemp companies.

“With the cannabis sector seeing such remarkable growth, and with so many new entrepreneurs jumping in, we thought it would help sellers and buyers to offer this guide to the M&A process,” said Ted Rieple, 1stWEST Mergers and Acquisitions’ managing partner. “We feel that company values are nowhere near their peaks, but sellers have to be prudent when positioning for the highest value. That’s what our company and this book are all about.”



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