Living the Dream: Danielle Rosellison

Danielle Rosellison


Trail Blazin’ Productions

Bellingham, WA

The fourth quarter is here. Again.

During the third quarter, for the first time, we at Trail Blazin’ began running into a production problem instead of an inventory problem. YES! THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! It’s a much-anticipated shift (and a relief) from sales to yield. This is the fun part, the part that the founders of Trail Blazin’ love: maximizing the awesomeness of the cannabis plant.

Wholesale prices (cultivator-to-processor) are higher than we’ve seen since 2016. And while we haven’t seen flower prices raise much at the retail level, many of the largest extractors are raising their prices due to the shortage of product. Will Croptober decrease prices again like it has historically done? That remains to be seen, as it is rumored that many sungrowers didn’t plant this year due to the steadily decreasing prices, and those that did plant say the conditions this summer were less than ideal.

We’re still waiting for mandatory pesticide testing in Washington state (yes, still!), but that will be another shakedown of our market. And believe me, it’s coming. Those of us that can provide clean, consistent cannabis will be in high demand and those that don’t will, hopefully, go by the wayside. Suddenly, maximizing our canopy is a topic of conversation in our executive meetings.

In an effort to prepare for the what we affectionately call the “Fourth Quarter Slump,” we’ve encouraged our entire staff to take vacations BEFORE Christmas. But will there be a noticeable slump this year from October 1 to December 25? On December 26, things are always banging around here as we prepare for deliveries on January 1 and 2. We’ve also prepped the team that EVERYONE will be taking trimming shifts and prepping shifts. We’ve literally been playing trim catch-up since January 2019, and it’s not a mistake we’re going to make again. Sure, trimming may not be your favorite job, but a) at least you’re employed; b) it’ll be in a low-stress environment; and c) it’s going to minimize that chaos for 2020.

January 1 also brings a 13% pay increase to all our workers because Washington’s minimum wage increases, which means all of our employee wages need to increase to maintain the hierarchy. That’s a tough pill to swallow as a small business owner, but one I think is necessary as we believe a $15 minimum wage is necessary for the workers of our country. Before any of our investors get a penny, we will have everyone at Trail Blazin’ making at least $15 an hour.

All our ducks are in a row. We’ve been patient. We’ve always done what is right, not what is easy. Five years later, I believe it’s time to reap some of the rewards for our decisions. Let the games begin! I am ready to receive, Universe!



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