LeafWorks Gender ID Test

LeafWorks’ new DNA-based test can determine the gender of cannabis plants in just 14 days, saving cultivators significant time, money, resources and labor in comparison to standard identification methods that can take more than five weeks after germination.

LeafWorks is comprised of a diverse leadership team of specialized plant geneticists trained in next-generation genomic methods, chemistry and bioinformatics.

“We provide science-based solutions to solve critical issues for the people who cultivate cannabis and help them grow the market,” LeafWorks CEO Eleanor Kuntz, Ph.D. said.

LeafWorks’ state-of-the-art botanical DNA verification tools have a borderless reach. By only working with DNA, which is not subject to Schedule I restriction, LeafWorks is able to provide comprehensive, DNA-based solutions for cannabis supply chain issues no matter where they occur.

LeafWorks requires only small amounts of DNA for its state-of-the-art verification tests to benefit every sector of the cannabis supply chain. The methodology utilizes cannabinoid-free processing, delivering DNA-only sampling for a global testing market. LeafWorks cannabis certification falls into three categories: gender identification, cultivar identification and a critical, DNA-based compliance program that tracks strains from seed to sale. LeafWorks’ products will ensure genetic fidelity, label accuracy, brand loyalty and empower consumers to know what they are buying at the dispensary counter.



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