LeafWorks Feminized Seal

LeafWorks Inc., a genetics company specializing in plant identification and research and development for the cannabis/hemp and herbal industries in February announced the launch of the LeafWorks Certified Feminized Seal certifying that cannabis/hemp seeds are female. This provides the cultivator the opportunity to use the seal on their packaging, verifying their product is third-party tested. The LeafWorks Certified Feminized Seal is designed to assist in combating fraud in the industry by ensuring customers and cultivators know exactly what they’re buying and selling.

In today’s market, customers too often purchase seeds that are designated as feminized, but ultimately include a disproportionate number of males, potentially leading to unintended pollination and damaging flower production. LeafWorks utilizes DNA testing to detect if there is a Y-chromosome in a seed and requires statistically significant number of seeds tested be female in order to grant the certification.

To solidify consistency over time, LeafWorks will also randomly audit seeds in the marketplace.



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