Kosher Certified solvent

Pharmco by Greenfield Global recently announced it is expanding the availability of its popular Kosher Certified herbal extraction solvent, sold as CDA 12A-1, to all regions in Canada and the United States. The product is a 200-proof grain denatured alcohol made with 4.76% high purity n-heptane that is exempt from the federal excise tax and does not require special permits to ship. The herbal extraction solvent is produced at the company’s dedicated production facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

“We are thrilled to make this product commercially available to extractors anywhere in Canada and the United States,” said Frank Richards, executive vice president and managing director of specialty chemicals and ingredients. “Pharmco’s advantage is that we have both the capacity and supply chain resources needed to ship anywhere in North America quickly and efficiently.”

The company’s carefully controlled supply chain includes centralized production in Kentucky, with more than a dozen strategically located warehouses and distribution centers across the United States and Canada.

Under the Pharmco brand, Greenfield produces and offers a range of products used in herbal extraction, including pure ethanol, denatured ethanol blends, high-purity solvents, Organic and non-Organic MCT oil and chiller fluids. Custom alcohol and solvent blends based on application needs and customer formulations are also available.


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