The KlickTrack cannabis database is a fully integrated retail ecosystem that unites a product and sales platform, compliance translator and point-of-sale system. Built by cannabis retailers for cannabis retailers, the KlickTrack beta offers a synchronized ecosystem for cannabis management across the entire retail chain, tapping proven data intelligence to save retailers time and money.

KlickTrack co-founders Steven Kessler and Brendan Hill aimed to create a product to solve common problems faced across the country. They bring their own experience as the founders of Paper and Leaf, a cannabis retailer in Bainbridge, Washington, to the software side of the industry.

“Today’s cannabis retailers face an uphill battle when it comes to streamlining operations,” Kessler said. “Traditionally, they have had no choice but to cobble together individual solutions to address their product management, customer service and compliance needs, resulting in a fragmented and inefficient experience for consumers and retailers alike. KlickTrack is here to fix that. Our, real-life experience within the cannabis retail world led us to create a product that ends the bottlenecks and piecemeal inefficiencies specific to our industry.”

KlickTrack’s streamlined solution is designed to save retailers time and money and provide all stakeholders — from managers to budtenders to consumers — with an automated, data-driven user experience.

The beta launch opens with participants in California and Washington state and is open for orders ahead of the upcoming full product launch.

Key features of the platform include a product registry, a proprietary data architecture that reduces redundancies, data segmentation tools to provide business insights, guaranteed compliance, intelligent workflows and reporting and the KlickTrack Queue, which enables retailers to create orders at the register and on the floor that can be fulfilled by the back office in real time.



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