Jazz Nights

Director Hal Masonberg is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise about $25,000 to acquire the licensing rights needed to distribute his film “Jazz Nights” through a variety of streaming platforms.

Masonberg says he needs to raise at least $24,488 for the music rights for many of the songs played in the film, vintage still photographs and archival footage with the goal of making “Jazz Nights” available via transactional-video-on-demand services, such as iTunes and Google Play, as well as subscription-video-on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu.

The crowdfunding campaign will take place on Seed & Spark, a crowdfunding platform devoted solely to films and filmmakers. The filmmakers are seeking support that can come in many forms, including donations or gifts that can be sent out in appreciation to potential contributors.

“We’ve gotten everything from magazine subscriptions to signed books and CDs, CBD soaps, massages, tickets to events, etc.,” Masonberg says.

In conjunction with the crowdfunding campaign at www.seedandspark.com, the filmmakers will also be hosting a series of cannabis-friendly evenings of live jazz. Individuals or companies can help by sponsoring the events or providing venues to hold these events and/or offering products at the events (cannabis samples, food, drink, etc.). The crowdfunding campaign will last anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

Masonberg says producing credits are also being offered: $2,000 for an associate producer credit, $5,000 for a co-executive producer and $10,000 for an executive producer.

“’Jazz Nights’ has been five years in the making and we’re finally down to the final step in making it available to the world,” says Masonberg, who has worked in the film industry for more than three decades. “Jazz Nights” is his second feature film.

“I’ve earned my living as a screenwriter for the studios and worked in casting for over 25 years,” he says. “I am an active filmmaker whose voice is best expressed through independent cinema where I’m able to share my stories with others. I’m also a musician and live music photographer and am so thrilled to be able to combine these two passions in ‘Jazz Nights.’”

For more information, visit the film’s website jazznightsfilm.com.


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