Interchange – Producer/Processors

You are invited to experience Interchange, centrally focused on a new approach to facilitate commerce within the cannabis industry.

Interchange is an event held over the course of a two-day period where Producers and Processors meet with a series of Retailers in a 1:1 private setting to convey product offerings with an end goal of structuring deals.  This unique process enhances industry-wide productivity and provides an environment to foster relationships with like-minded business professionals.

Vendors call 425.656.3621 to register for the event.

Don’t miss this action packed two-day event.  Space is filling rapidly, book now!

Benefits to Producer & Processor Participation:

-PRODUCTIVITY – Is it overwhelming and time consuming to get your product in front of existing and new retail shops?  Interchange is a program designed to help the industry become more efficient through condensing 20+ Producer/Processor (seller) to Retailer (buyer) appointments into two days versus several months.  Yes, you are guaranteed appointments!

-COMMERCE – Through innovative “reverse trade show” methods, this is the first and only marketplace of its kind that brings I502 license holders together to facilitate and promote business exchange in a private 1:1 setting.  One successful appointment alone can cover the costs associated with event participation plus more ROI!

-CONNECT – Grow your network in a dialed B2B environment and build relationships with professionals within the Cannabis Industry.  Producers, Processors will directly meet over fifty Retailers and Ancillary Businesses at this event.  Remember, people work with people they like!

-EDUCATE – Ancillary Businesses will be present, offering hot new tools that will enhance your workflow through technology and business solutions.

Participate Now!

Contact your account representative at Marijuana Venture today at (425) 656-3621 or email  An agreement and invoice will be offered to confirm your participation.  When signed and returned with payment you will be confirmed and posted on the event website as a Producer or Processor participant of Interchange.

Producer & Processor (Seller) General Event FAQs:

Why is an event like Interchange needed?

There are inefficiencies within the cannabis industry pertaining to commerce.  Laws prohibiting the mailing or shipping of marijuana and the spread-out nature of retail locations means that potential vendors spend much time and energy driving from store to store to make sales calls. Interchange is about efficiency.  In two days, a Producer or Processor can meet and “pitch” up to 20 individual Retailers.

Are Samples Allowed?

Samples are allowed within WSLCB compliance.  Producers and Processors can purchase their own product from an existing retail store and bring to showcase during meetings.  As an alternative, packaging or photos of future products can be featured.  Please note, due to venue guide lines, absolutely no cannabis use is permitted on site.

How is the show structured?

Modeled after highly successful “reverse trade shows” ran for many years within the media business, buyers are brought to a central location and vendors then have a series of meetings with them. This is a similar concept to what one may relate to as “speed dating.”  “Buyers,” or in this case Retailers, own the booth space and “Sellers”, in this case Producers and Processors will move from booth to booth pitching their product for a designated time period.

Day 1

7:30am-8:00am – Registration Open – Name badge and meeting schedule will be available for pick up

8:00am-9:00am – Complimentary Breakfast

9:00am-12:00pm – A series of 20 minute 1:1 meetings with 10 minute breaks in between each*

12:00pm-1:00pm – Complimentary Lunch

1:00pm-5:00pm – A series of 20 minute 1:1 meetings with 10 minute breaks in between each*

5:00pm-6:00pm – Complimentary Happy Hour

Day 2

7:30am-8:00am – Registration Open – Name badge and meeting schedule will be available for pick up

8:00am-9:00am – Complimentary Breakfast

9:00am-12:00pm – 20 minute 1:1 meetings with 10 minute breaks in between each*

12:00pm-1:00pm – Complimentary Lunch

1:00pm-5:00pm – 20 minute 1:1 meetings with 10 minute breaks in between each*

*Example:  The first meeting begins at 9:00am sharp and runs for 20 minutes.  The first meeting will then close at 9:20am followed by a 10 minute break.  The next meeting runs from 9:30am through 9:50am, followed by a 10 minute break and so on throughout the day.  Each meetings lasts 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute break.

How much does it cost for Producers or Processors to participate?

The event is offered at the rate of $3,500.

How many meetings do Producers or Processors receive total and per day?

Twenty total appointments are guaranteed.  Typically ten Retailer to Producer/Processor meetings will be set per day, however given demand for certain retailers, you may experience heavier meetings on Day 1 or Day 2.

How are meetings ensured with specific buyers?

Upon signing of the participation agreement and when payment has been received you will be contacted by the Interchange event production team.  A Retailer Priority Worksheet will be offered and you will have the ability to rate the Retailers that you would most like to see in order of importance.  *Important* Producers & Processors who register first will earn first choice for meetings.  In the rare event that a meeting cannot be accommodated, the Interchange team will find an alternative approach or Retailer for you to meet with.

Is this event intense?

This type of event is not uncommon in the business world.   With any professional business, success is about preparation, timing and organization. In the world of retail, a sales meeting or presentation involves arriving on time, introductions, presenting business cards, having a written agenda that is followed, showing samples, asking questions and taking good notes along with a follow up email post meeting.  The adult use marijuana industry will soon be dominated by professionals who produce great product in conjunction with those who can effectively build and manage relationships.

Hotels (within 5-minute drive):

Hilton Garden Inn, Renton ($169) – 425-430-1414

Red Lion Hotel, Renton ($85) – 425-226-7700

Towne Place, Renton ($209) – 425-917-2000

Larkspur Landing, Renton ($135) – 425-235-1212

Springhill Suites, Renton ($119) – 425-226-4100

*Rates based upon availability.

Where is the Renton Pavilion located?

The Renton Pavilion located in downtown Renton (Address: 233 Burnett Avenue S., Renton, WA  98507). There is a parking structure located across the street with inexpensive daily rates. There are several local inexpensive business hotels that are within 5 minutes of the Pavilion as listed below.

Are there Sponsorship, Exhibitor or Marketing & Promotional Opportunities available?

There are a limited amount of Sponsorship/Exhibitor or Marketing & Promotional Opportunities available.  Please contact for more information and reference “Interchange Sponsorships”.  Sponsoring or exhibiting is a perfect option to gain more brand recognition and exposure at Interchange.



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