Hypur Inc. recently announced that its electronic payment technology will now be accepted statewide in California for marijuana-related businesses and consumers of cannabis products, allowing them to accept electronic payments, as well as request payments from suppliers.

Hypur is designed to provide transparency and ease-of-use for both buyers and suppliers for any business that lacks access to traditional payment options or that wants a streamlined payment platform that can send and receive funds electronically.

Without access to credit and debit card processing, the cannabis industry is forced to rely on cash or work-around payment products that potentially put consumer information at risk. Hypur’s electronic payment technology helps marijuana-related businesses reduce their reliance on cash while providing a more traditional shopping experience for consumers and improving the safety of stores and their communities.

With features like auto check-in and facial and touch ID, Hypur improves the in-store payment process for consumers of cannabis products and merchants, so consumers can simply enter in their personal access code to verify acceptance of payment to the marijuana-related business.



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