Hurricane Hydroponics Selectricide

Promising no pathogens, mold, bacteria or fungus will survive, Selectricide from Hurricane Hydroponics  is a pure chlorine dioxide treatment that is OMRI, FDA and EPA certified.

Selectrocide’s unique generation technology offers growers the purest form of chlorine dioxide available, making it possible to safely remove bio-slime and efficiently decontaminate surfaces by lifting away harmful residue in lines, tanks and water distribution systems.

Hurricane Hyrdoponics also offers media amendments and a complete system of nutrients that breaks the standard feeding system down to six parts and offers growers the ability to fine tune the nutrients used in each hydroponic system.

The company’s Storm Cell is aimed at young and developing plants. Tropical Storm is a three-part system to provide a stable fertilizer base for vegetation. The Hurricane Flower nutrient is a three-part fertilizer system aimed at transitioning from vegetation to the flower stage.

The company also makes the Cal-Mag supplement to provide additional calcium and magnesium if needed, as well as the White Squall oxidizing water treatment, the Storm Surge Silica supplement and the State of Emergency, a powerful phosphorus and potassium additive formulated for use in the arly reproductive stages and during the final ripening of buds.


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