Developed through extensive testing and research, HumaBase is designed to enhance growth in cannabis plants through stimulating oxygen uptake, increasing chlorophyll content and increasing the bioavailability of macro and micronutrients to plant roots. And according to the company, new trials have revealed that HumaBase can also boost THC levels by up to 70%.

HumaBase is manufactured by FARM Co. Affiliates LLC, a California plant research-based agricultural production company.

HumaBase bonds micronutrients at higher rates compared to chemical-based products. Formulated from leonardite ore, HumaBase’s humic and fulvic acids contain millions of bonding sites that capture micronutrients in either acid or alkaline environments. This makes for an extremely effective chelating agent that improves plants ability for micronutrient uptake.

The resulting increase in metabolism produces more root tissue, creating a stronger base for plants, the company said. HumaBase also supports the mycorrhizal zone, where symbiotic plant biologicals can thrive and support plant growth. It is 100% soluble and easily applied via standard watering, fertigation and foliar spraying practices to any grow medium, whether in soil, rockwool, coco noir or aeroponics. HumaBase is OMRI Listed for organic farming.


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