GrowFlux CO2 Sensor

CO2Meter and GrowFlux have joined forces to create an innovative partnership for indoor growers. The partnership combines CO2Meter’s leadership position in CO2 measurement with GrowFlux’s technological innovations in designing growth monitoring devices, resulting in a new and improved CO2 sensor that is wireless and cloud-connected for indoor grow environments.

With the new sensor, growers will be able to access data on the go with the GrowFlux App. What makes the Grow Flux CO2 Sensor so unique is the sensor’s overall design, which provides growers with the perfect amount of CO2 with up to 500 feet of range, while also saving 10% on cooling energy consumption.

Additional GrowFlux CO2 Sensor features include measuring operating temperature up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, easy fresh-air calibration, a one-plus year battery life, splash-resistant and wire-free design and a max coverage area of 1,500 square feet with proper air handling.

The sensor can be used in indoor controlled environments for grow rooms, greenhouses and cultivation facilities.


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